More than 20 years in the international wine and food market. Deep experience and knowledge at international level. Specifically, from the Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Belarusian markets. We offer a personalized and specialized service for each client and each project. Since August 2002 we have collaborated with different wineries from Spain to Portugal, France, Chile, Argentina and other countries. We work with more than 20 Denominations of Origin in Spain, Rioja, Ribeira del Duero, Rías Baixas, Jumilla, Ribeira Sacra, Somontano, among others.

what is sam

SAM’s WINE is based on four principles as if it were the four chambers of the heart.

The first impulse before a sunny horizon is to close your eyes to receive its warmth.

Children on a beach have the same reaction as herons that sun their plumage after a bath in cold water.

They are the rays of life, which pass through the veins of the leaves in the vines of the field, and heat the trunks so that the internal current that makes existence possible can circulate.

The sun changes light as the day and seasons progress, differently in each coordinate of the earth to give it a unique personality to the wine.

The sun is the north axis of wine.

The human factor is that part that at first made no sense, like Van Gogh’s blue branches or the secret alchemy of the first winemakers, but which elevates the final work with its brilliant strokes.

Without the wings of creativity, there is no spark in the experience of the first sip, no alliance with the final wine.

In the creation, the knowledge inherited from a wine tradition, the passions lived and the madness of thought come together to make something unique.

Art is the right hemisphere of wine.

Each human footprint leaves a unique code embedded in the surface, like a personal seal etched from the ground onto glass.

No machine replaces the act of hollowing out the mulch with your fingers to secure the stem, or moving the vine shoots apart to caress a cluster and test its ripeness.

With the knowledge of the trade, sensing the day of the cut so that each grape takes just enough sugar to the barrel, because the hand is the executor of instinct and expertise.

The hand is the left hemisphere of wine.

A rain suddenly reminds us that this immensity under our feet is a living organism. The smell of wet earth is its silent language. Quietly, the terrain allows for hairstyles that only the birds perceive from their zenithal eye.

They see the lined vineyards, see the vines turn green in spring and turn golden at the end of summer.

Respect for the enormous home that sustains us is the premise of this productive pact with man.

The soil is the southern axis of the wine.